O. Harihariah & Co. is the offshoot of the Greenways Group, responsible for customs clearing. Since inception, we have grown rapidly by providing efficient services to ensure prompt import and export clearance of consignments by land, sea and air in record time.

At O.Harihariah, our dedicated experts are always a step ahead with their expertise in handling trade compliance, procedures and paperwork.


With over three decades of expertise the team ensures they stay abreast of the Customs Law, Tariffs, Policies, Acts, Rules and Regulations.

Falling back on our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the sector we offer customized, yet fast, efficient and effective solutions to all clients, to reduce lead time & optimize cash flow on all your Import and Export shipments.


  • In providing affordable, cost-effective and very reasonable prices for our clients and prospects.
  • In giving updated professional industry advice and consultation to all our clients and prospects.
  • In being a reliable service provider that when our clients engage us, they do not need to worry about their shipments.
  • In all rounded service and therefore, upon request by clients, we will be on 24/7 standby for our clients if the goods arrives the country.


We have established a firm footprint with offices across Chennai, Mumbai, Tuticorin, Krishnapatnam, Bangalore, Visakhapatnam, Cochin and Kolkata, strong representations at every Indian Air and Seaport, in addition to being well connected globally through a network of agents worldwide.