A.S.Shipping Agencies' logistics solution comes with agility, efficiency and flexibility that provide our clients an edge in their entire supply chain process. Our decades of experience along with our hunger to constantly develop our chain of associates in the domestic and international markets, helps us to innovate out of the box logistic solutions.

Our Edge

Timely shipment

Our global network in the countries we operate through allow us to offer efficient delivery systems to keep our clients satisfied.

Competitive pricing

We have established strong relationships with all major lines and with our volume based contract rates we offer distinctly competitive prices.

Reliable and Secure

Our professional logistics team ensures that contractual agreements are executed efficiently with attention paid to the most minute details.

Key sectors we serve

We have a competitive advantage of offering door-to-door logistics for a wide spectrum of commodities and our key sectors include

  • Agricultural Products like Tobacco, Cashew and Gherkins.
  • Paper & Poly Propylene products.
  • Granite blocks, Slabs and Tiles.
  • Auto Components and Machinery.
  • GDSM including Textiles and Garments.
  • Pharmaceutical
  • ODC

Our Services

We offer Integrated Logistics Solutions for all type of commodities which include:

  • Warehousing
  • Stuffing and De-stuffing
  • Customs clearance
  • Transiting
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Stocks and Inventory management

We have expertise in handling Raw Cashew shipments in Containers and Breakbulk.

We are committed to keep in pace with the latest transport and technological developments which makes us your perfect logistics service provider.